Lessons 2021

The Upper Hutt Bridge Club runs a series of Beginners lessons, as well as Improver lessons for current and returning players.

Upper Hutt Club members can join any lesson for free. For beginners and new members, the cost is $25 which is deducted from the first year’s membership. Those who have completed the lessons usually play bridge Thursday evening in the junior section, or Wednesday or Friday afternoon in a friendly atmosphere where an allowance is made for their ‘beginner’ status. 

Beginners Lessons

Lessons start Wednesday February 17th, 7:30 pm, at the Club Rooms, 98 Pine Avenue, Upper Hutt. The lessons run for 11 weeks with each lesson being about 2 hours. The lessons teach the game using the ACOL bidding system and are based on NZ Bridge’s teaching of bridge for beginners. 

Come to our introductory night at the Club on Sunday February 14th at 7:30 pm.

Improver Lessons – Morning Sessions 11am

For Club members on the first two Tuesday mornings of the month as follows:

Morning Sessions 11am

Tues 16th March      The Opening Bid                  (Presented by Ken)

Tues 23rd March      The Responders Bid.          (Presented by Ken)

Tues 6th April           Scoring and its Relation to Bidding.  (Presented by Charlie)

Tues 13th April         Bidding to Game.                 (Presented by Ken)

Tues 4th May            1 No Trump and Responses.         (Presented by Ken)

Tues 11th May          Playing No Trump Contracts          (Presented by Ken)

Tues 8th June          Playing Suit Contracts                    (Presented by Ken)

Tues15th June         Improve your Opening Leads        (Presented by Charlie)

Tues 6th July            Distributional Hands                        (Presented by Charlie)

Tues 13th July         Doubles and Overcalls                    (Presented by Charlie)

Tues 3rd Aug           Playing Techniques                        (Presented by Charlie)

Tues 10th Aug          Bidding to Slam                                (Presented by Ken)

The format will be approx. one hour teaching and one hour playing hands.

The format will be approx. one hour teaching and one hour playing hands.

For further information or to register for the lessons Contact Us