Before play commences announce:
(a) The number of tables being played:
(b) The number of boards being played:
(c) The fact that for any infringement, the Director must be called.

Ensure that Phantom is at N/S Table 4, the exception being with 11 1/2 tables and 24 boards, Phantom should be at Table 12.

When called for an infringement, make certain of the infringement and then read the appropriate rule(s) from the Rule Book. Do not rely on memory – ensure that all players understand the rule and your ruling, which should be given confidently. If possible, remain at the table to ensure that the ruling is followed.

From time to time, ensure boards are progressing correctly. Patrol the room to ensure that play and ethics are according to the rules.

Check the Phantom at all skips.

Allow reasonable time for the play of each board – approximately 7 minutes for the first board and any feed-ins and 6 1/2 to 7 minutes for each subsequent board.

If a pair is consistently slow, warn them, after a reasonable number of boards, that if they continue to be slow, they will be penalised. Once a warning has been given, the penalty must be invoked if slow play continues and if, in your opinion, it is warranted.